LL are regular meaniepoofaces! 😦

Those unsanitary fuckaz did … wait, let me start from the begining: This morning, kinda 6 a.m.-ish, I log into Second Life. Of course. Sunday morning is perfect, I got all the time  in the world and the grid is rather empty so it’s a good time to continue my Grand Tour. Oh, first let’s check the mail for a last time before I embark on  today’s stage around Gaeta V.

Result is the last post, about my 200th follower, that I quickly wanted to get out of the way. All the time Orca hovered in the air around the last place I crashed out. Okayyyy, pheew, blog done and closed. Now let’s rez the boat and go sailing!

But where to rez? Can’t find a spot in my vicinity so I decide to TP back to Debelox raceline and start over …


WTF? I mean, really now. What the actual fudge??? I havn’t moved at all, only deleted all the Group Notices, didn’t even open any IM yet,; only attempted  a TP back circa 10 sims or so.


I’m rather peed off right now and decide to go back to bed. :/



  1. There’s definitely something funky happening on the grid just now, I had about four of these happen to me on my sail from gaeta down to the bandit store yesterday smh, it was frustrating, will be looking out for you when you hit gaeta though

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    • Are LL praying the old old mantra of “you don’t need sim crossings, you can just TP” again? Or is it my newish fibre connection? OMG, am I too fast for SL?
      Also factly I have hit Gaeta already, am still there when I log back in. Whereabouts is your home? Will make a visit when I come along there …


        • As long as your orbs aren’t too zealous and overreach onto Linden waterways, I don’t complain. I don’t understand the need for SecOrbs but I won’t complain as long as they won’t fuk with the sailors. 😉
          Your property looks nice on the map. Any rez area in your marina?


          • Oh no I hate getting hit by orbs too when sailing or horse riding or whatever, we were considerate and tried to mark the areas with warning lights near the sea but they stay within the boundaries of our parcel, we even have draw bridges that can be used so you can sail through though they’re not obvious, since we’re surrounded by full parcels of water they’re not needed, but they let us get our sweetpea and jet skis out of the middle bit, you’ll see what I mean as you sail by

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