Petty Second Life Residents Getting my Blog Blocked on Facebook, Messenger, Instagram…

Amanda Magick is being blocked on Facebook. For apparently no reason. :/ While that is a bad thing it also proves me kinda right in my opinion to never ever join any of those antisocial networks. Nothing good will come from doing bizniz with and trusting in assclowns like Zuckerberg.

Can I burst into a loud and triumphant “TOLD YA SO!” now?

Anyhoo, I guess the best way to support Amanda now is to flock to her blog en masse and subscribble to her.

Magick Thoughts SL ❤ Le meilleur de Second Life

Well congratulations to whomever reported my blog to FB so many times that it is now blocked. It’s pretty sad when people have to get so petty that they feel the need step on my free speech. My blog is not anywhere near going against FB community standards. The blog is totally rated G. Last I checked FB would not take down a post without contacting the poster first. But somehow and I don’t know how they did it…. they got my blog totally blocked on Facebook and Instagram.

My Second Life blog has no profanity, no killing, no death, no nudity, no abuse of any kind, no socially unacceptable topics, no nothing that I can even think of…. but somehow, someone or some people felt the need to report my site so many times that FB has totally blocked it on FB, Messenger, and Instagram and I am sure…

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