Solus 4 “Fortitude” Budgie Desktop

Whoa! 😮

It’s rare that Orca likes something. Even rarer she likes any Linux distro, particularly non-Arch distros … and to make it even worse a Linux distro with a desktop environment than her beloved Mate. And it’s absolutely unthinkable she changes her mind about a distro she never particularely liked in the first place. And haha, to top it all off, after the main developer, Ikey Doherty, left the project, and his minions are trying to keep it afloat. For Orca the Solus project was dead and unretrievably gone. So she’d never give Solus another chance or even like it again.

And yet it happened! 😮

The survivors of the Solus debacle, after a really long development time and refusal to change version numbers (they really brought up the version 3 up to 3.99999999…), finally released Solus 4, codename Fortitude.

Solus 4 freshly installed on Orca’s test machine. Beautiful, no? Almost zen-like. 😉

And it is good!

Of course my main points of criticism are still valid, and I’d liked to have a bit more freedom in chosing my computer’s name and my user name and top secret password. But that’s small fry isn’t it? And the software/app store does look a bit bigger and very nicely organized in this new implementation.

The Software Center is not as huge as Debian’s or Arch’s repos but doesn’t contain that much junk neither.

What I liked, like really liked, was …

Installation went uncomplicated, troublefree and fast. resulting desktop looks very nice and stylish outa the box. It’s emptiness makes even Mate look like totally overloaded but the Budgie desktop still gives us enough options to populate the screen with some icons in case you want/need them. Very nice and humble. And still you’ll find the most needed software starters in the lower panel … exactly like I love it and how I organize my own desktop, too. In fact I could use Solus4/Budgie right away and maybe will indeed do so. I may have found my “away system” for when  we travel to the old continent the next time.

Working in Solus is simple and fun.

Operation of this OS is indeed self-explanatory as Solus keeps to the good old ways of handling things, as we know it since eternities from Windows and MacOS. The desktop is rather reduced … but complete. Budgie ain’t for playkiddies but is a fast and easy to use production environment. I haven’t changed anything yet, and I doubt I’ll ever will. This Shit just werkz. As it is! Maybe it’s time to give a new recommendation as starter distro? I guess Solus with the Budgie desktop ticks all the right boxes.

The menu system is complete and comfy.

While I tested Solus I couldn’t help but thinking I should’ve installed it on OrcNet instead of Gaga. Solus seems light and speedy enough to be, like, the perfect Linux to run on old outdated laptops. Ya know, the kinda past-its-prime stuff you use for shitty experiments. Yes, your granny’s lappy will do just fine … as long as it’s 64-bit. =^.^=

Oh, btw, the …

System Requirements

  • A blank DVD or a 2GB+ USB drive.
  • Minimum of 10GB of disk space available.
  • 2GB of RAM for an optimal experience.
  • A 64-bit (x86_64) processor.

And I almost forgot to mention Solus is also available with another desktop than just Budgie. You’ll never guess which: In true no bullshit spirit the devs chose Mate as second option. Yes, ok, Gnome3 and KDE Plasma5 too, but we don’t talk about those abominations, do we?

Even the Solus website makes a clean and functional impression.

I just notice I didn’t really write much about Solus at all. I guess it is like with my movie reviews, where I write the most if the movie is crap but run quickly out of words when everything is fine. And from my five minutes of testing time I can say Solus is very fine. It never lost the support of its fan base, even after Ikey’s retirement, and now with the brandnew version 4 its guaranteed to win many more fans. Particularly in the n00b and mobile, no bullshit community.

Look, I’ve found some fresh YT vids for this fresh Linux version as well:

All those fraggles seem to rather like Solus, too. So Orcsi ain’t, like, totally alone with her opinion. You can trust in me. =^.^=



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