R.I.P. Dick Dale :..(

Too old to die young.

Oh fuk, man. 😦

No more surfing for Dick. 😦

Surfrock-legende Dick Dale (81) overleden - NRC

Ok, I’m too young to ever have been a fan of Dick Dale‘s music, and Misirlou was really the only song of his I knew. But at least I knew it before it was made famous again through Tarantino’s Pulp Fiction. Watch the original:

RIP Dick Dale | Steve Hoffman Music Forums

A victim of the American no health care system. 😦

Surf Rock Godfather Dick Dale Passes Away at 81

Fender loved their surf-guitar hero.

Legendary surf rock guitarist Dick Dale, RIP / Boing Boing

And here the Misirlou version you youngsters might know:

\…/ Hang ten, Dick Dale! \…/

Dick Dale: 'King of Surf Rock' guitarist dies aged 81 - BBC News

… and then there was the worst nightmare of every music lover …



    • LOL Andreas, I guess your linking attempts worked rather too well because now we have the video 3 times! 🙂 It’s the same video I already linked in the bogpost. =^.^=


  1. The words you don’t want to hear–from anybody: “I had to perform to save my life.”
    Couldn’t afford the medical bills. It’s just criminal.

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    • Oh, I’d got soooo so much to say about the American health care system … but I won’t. Have already a solid reputation as America bashing commie bish and no need to lose all my American readers over sociopolitical questions. :/ But you’re right, it is a shame, a crime. By a gov’mt that depends on your votes and your taxes but doesn’t give a single phuk about you and doesn’t give anything back.
      Ooooh, already said tooo much, better shut up now …

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  2. I don’t think you’re the only one who has something to say about American health care–especially the poor people who take their diabetes medicine every other day to save $$ or folks who can’t afford cancer treatment, etc. Everyone knows it’s barbarian and beyond unspeakable.

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    • And guess what, Stacey, I know the perfect solution, same as everybody knows it. And it works. It’s proven to work. My sister’s and my mom’s cancer operations and chemo didn’t cost us a dime, my dad’s new artificial hip and countless skin operations, and kidney stones removal, not a pennny, my appendix and tonsils removal? For fukn free! Eye glasses for all, and hearing aids and walker for mom? Hubby’s wheelchairs, customized lightweight one, and electric? FREE! And I, as a helping family member, even get paid for my work and my pension funds being paid as well.

      But unfortunately this system of social insurance is not applicable in God’s Own Country because … Socialism! Yeah, to avoid the big bad socialism you all have to sacrifice something. To save your bosses and politicians from being forced to be decent human beings some of you have to sacrifice not only their dignity but their lifes. 😦

      But the good thing is that socialism was avoided! WinWin for America!!! 🙂


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