Battle of the Giants!

Haha, LOL. No, not a dramatic fight to the death or something drastic like that. It’s just two of the very much most-beloved Linux distros in the last couple years. In fact they’ve been #1 and #2 on DistroWatch for the longest time … until MX-18 stole the #2 spot some weeks ago.

Yes, talking about Manjaro vs. Mint. And here’s a comparison video:

A comparison. Not a duel. Since the whole of Linux is one big happy family. Or should be. All the distros are impacting and inspiring each other; borrowing ideas and little programs and apps from other distros is a daily occurance, and encouraged. Heck, even Microsoft borrowed some good ideas from Linux, implemented them in Win10 and sold to the sheeples as something, like, totally fresh and new and bestest idea ever. 😮

Another example: Every ArchLinux distro worth its salt uses Manjaro’s Calamares Installer, which was heavily, influenced by Mint’s installer, which is based on Ubuntu’s. And Mint’s homegrown desktop environment Cinnamon has made its way into countless other Linux distros as well by now.

We, the users, we just pick and choose what’s best for us and gives us the best feeling. There are no quasi-religious infights like Windows vs MacOS over in the commercial sheeples world. Sometimes you come across some good-spirited banter and dismissive statements about some distros. Orca for example is an infamous Ubuntu, RedHat and Gnome3 “hater” and I make my opinion known. But deep down in  my heart I know that basically all topdog distros in existence nowadays are standing on the shoulder of giant Ubuntu, which again stands on the shoulder of mighty grandaddy Debian. At least spiritually they do.

So anyway, watch this comparison video, try to stay unbiased and in the end decide for … Mint! 🙂  Because you’re new and deserve such a cool and unproblematic experience. It’ll be hard enough to get settled in a new computing universe and Mint makes it as easy for you as humanly possible. Technically I prefer Manjaro – have spent the most time in that distro – until a year ago. But in  the spirit of Linux, hey, we got hundreds of distros to choose from and we should make the best choice for us personally. Not what’s super high up in the DistroWatch charts, but what gives you the best experience is what counts and what should influence your choice.

Although … psssht … I’d go with Mint. Period. And once your’re good and stable in the Linuxverse and made your home there, you shall spread out and go for excursions into the Debian and Arch families and try out as many different desktops as possible.

But please, always keep in  mind there are no besterer or wursterer Linuxes. But let’s not forget that cream usually rises to the top (although Orca personal choice is somewhere in the higher hundreds figures).

But from there on it’s all just a matter of taste.



  1. Moco$oft has always borrowed ideas from others to then say it was created by them and that it’s new technology. That’s how Moco$oft does business, since their beginning.

    GNU/Linux, no matter what distribution, is always better than any proprietary operating system and software.

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    • Exactly, Tom. But on the other hand we’ve got to admit that MS is also one of the greatest contributors to the Linux kernel. Weirdly inconsequential and pervert.

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      • Yep .. just when I decide to leave MS forever they ‘fix’ something I didn’t like and/or Linux isn’t quite ready to compete w/ them. Well, Linux is certainly in the same ‘Ball Park’ w/ MS now – especially Ubuntu & Mint, IMHO. Seems the past few years Linux has made a huge – make that HUGE – leap forward. Ubuntu has been my favorite Linux for about a decade now (Puppy @ #2), but Cinnamon Mint looks to be headed to my #1 slot recently (that bottom left corner shutdown just ‘feels’ right).

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        • Hi Karmi, thx for reading and commenting. I love participation by my readers.

          Particularly Win10 was big time shopping for nifty shit in the Linux world, didn’t they?

          But Ubuntu, really? They are truly like MS insofar that they just can’t and won’t decide on a mature, user friendly environment. Unity was bad enough, and now with chosing that hateful Gnome3 they’ve really betted on the wrong horse. And the rest, their code base, pfff, nothing others can’t do better.

          But anyway, every Linux is a much better choice than Windows and MacOS. About time the sleeping sheeples acknowledge that and join us.

          BTW, in my beloved Mate desktop I always place a shutdown button in the far right corner of the bottom panel. So I don’t even need to hit the menu to shut down the system. I also have starters for my most important programs, apps and tools in the panel and hardly ever need to use the menu at all in my daily operations.

          PS: Why no Follow function in your blog?


          • Hi and you’re welcome – tho reading your stuff is always fun.

            Yeah, in recent years Linux has clearly given MS a Wake UP Call, and they certainly needed more than one. I’ve really been impressed with these new Linux updates (especially Ubuntu 18.04 & Mint 19.1 cinnamon) – actually it was the first time that Mint worked on all 4 of my machines…almost all distros I tested this time worked. I hated Arch tho – will try Suicide Linux before I try that command prompt reliant Arch again. Actually, all my testing this time led me full-circle back to W10?!?!?!?!?!?! It was nothing against Linux (other than Arch), but during the Linux search I found a site – KINGUIN – where I could buy a W10 Home OEM key for less than $35…MS “authenticated” that key (loved finally beating MS out of some money) – its on a newly built Linux machine. I also read where MS was still allowing upgrades from W7 to W10 so I did that to an old test machine that I have the new Mint on. I suspect that MS welcomes the recent competition from Linux – since I’ve seen rumors about them possibly wanting to move-on from OSes, but don’t really know.

            Yeah, Ubuntu .. I’ve been piddling with Linux since 1995/1996, and Ubuntu was the first Linux distro that worked on my computers (hobby). Linux was a joke, IMHO, back in 1995. I’ve usually lived in remote USA areas where a satellite ISP was needed or something like an expensive Verizon wireless connection…unless I wanted to do a dial-up connection again (NOT!). Spent years and years intermittently searching for a USB wireless adapter (or something!?!) that worked w/ Linux…seems it was around 2010-2012 (?) when I finally found a Panda wireless USB adapter that worked w/ the internet connection I was using back then – finally (!!!) I could use Linux w/ the internet, and Ubuntu was listed as the distro that worked w/ adapter. Ubuntu has always worked on all my computers, since roughly 2010/2012. I couldn’t get Mint to fully work on any machine, just 4-5 years ago, so stuck w/ Ubuntu. The new Mint works on all my machines now…it’s neck-and-neck w/ Ubuntu right now. Like you mentioned earlier – “no besterer or wursterer Linuxes” – GRIN

            I’ve been blogging since around 2002 (BLOGGER) as “The Swamp Hermit’s Report” .. Google didn’t like my political views so I moved it to WordPress in 2004, but I had/have no idea about “shutdown button” (thx for tip!) and/or “statres” and/or “Follow function” … the newbie blog is just new, and I must have mental problems since still being a newbie. Mainly blog for my own enjoyment and as a place to put down thoughts, I guess.


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            • “reading your stuff is always fun.”
              Oh, thank you kindly, sir. /me blushes

              “Google didn’t like my political views so I moved it to WordPress”
              Well, yes, sign of the times. American megalomaniac business machines don’t like technocommie Linuxers … although most of their servers are running on it. The perversion of far right late-days capitalism. :/

              That was supposed to read like starters. Thx for the hint; correctified now.

              “Mainly blog for my own enjoyment and as a place to put down thoughts, I guess.”
              Mhm, keep on telling yourself that. I did too, and still stating that I’d even blog if I was the last woman alive on the planet, or the last person at all. Yaya, what a fukn romantic dream. I guess after finding out I’m the last one the first things to go would be my computers and my cameras. Get a nice little 4WD RV and make my way down through Africa and around the world. Finally a real safari. 😉

              But I digress, where were we? Uh yes, the Follow Button. It’s cool and makes it easy for your readers since they receive a mail every time you let one slip. 😉

              “command prompt reliant Arch”
              Ugh, really? Naaw, at least the versions I mostly used, Manjaro, Antergos, Namib work fine, just fine without ever using the terminal. I’ve found nothing that cannot be done with a GUI. It’s just that the terminal is faster and less complicated to use for some operations. Why should I search for a software in pamac when I know its name and can install it with a single command line: sudo pacman -S mylittleapp
              And Bob’s your uncle. 🙂


              • Yeah, Manjaro and Antergos both installed fine – tho I may have just used the ‘Live’ version on one…seems they both had ‘Live’ versions, but I don’t recall since I was testing a munch of distros at the time. Arch Linux never made it past the command prompt, for me anyway, and it was the only Linux I tested that did that. Maybe I downloaded a wrong one – was looking for the main Arch. I tried to test ‘Live’ first (if they had one) and just didn’t like the look and/or feel of Manjaro and Antergos when compared with Ubuntu 18.04 & Mint 19.1.

                Most computer users don’t want to mess w/ installing OSes (or even reinstalling), so if the ‘Live’ Linux versions looked good I would also do an install. Was amazed at how many distros installed so easily – even on a newly built computer .. in the past, Linux always gave me problems w/ new hardware, but not this time. Only that DOS looking Arch Linux version gave me problems…reminded me of DOS, in fact. GRIN


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                • Ya, installing vanilla Arch is a thing only real hard masochists will enjoy. Such a shame since Arch supposedly once had a real installer … but that was phased out of existence. And like every Linux distro worth its salt, of course all the Arch derivatives have Live versions as well to play with before hitting the install button.

                  Oh, and contrary to Windows, Linux is famous for its first class hardware detection and compability. Most peripherals but the most exotic are covered in the kernel and work without installation. That’s why I’m such a fan of Arch, because I’m always on the latest kernel.

                  Arch uses the same DEs like all the other distros, nothing about DOS shit here.


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