Grand Tour: Something’s Terribly Wrong. :o

Ohayo kidz!

Boah! I was really looking forward to today’s stage of my Grand Tour: Around the Peanut shaped continent of Gaeta 5. This has always been one of my favourite circumnavigations since the waterways around the peanut (which ain’t a nut at all but belongs to the family of beans) are perfectly navigable with just 2 or 3 tight spots along the southern coastline. So a hispeed fun sail was awaiting me. At least that’s what I thought. But as you might know Orca and thinking often don’t go well together.  :/

Maybe I should’ve gotten suspicious when I crashed the first time. Immediately after rezzing my Bandit 25 at the Debelox race line, and even before I could climb aboard, my viewer became irresponsive and after, like, half a minute closed on me. 😦

Okay, relog and …

… here we are, ready  for today’s stage of the cruise
Like magic the wind has shifted to a general northerly breeze, which should make for a fast and comfy sailing experience. Only … why is the boat not responding for at least 20 secs after each sim xing? I can’t make it blow with less than 11 kts, so maybe I’m just too fast moving for the grid? No! We used to race much faster beasts of a whole different caliber around the nut and most of us survived without any problems. On much lesser machines and connections.
And then as soon as I enter Gaetan waterways … CRASHORAMA! What the actual fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu…
With Orca grounded on the ocean floor I just cam up and see my boat stranded somewhere around here. But as soon as Orca can fly up herself the Bandit obviously already fell prey to some overly zealous sec system or Linden’s autoreturn. 😦
See, how generous the Lindens applied navigable waterways all around the peanut? Should be a pretty joyful little cruise today. As various races in the past have shown us, the whole thing should be done in less than an hour … depending on the boat class. And of course depending on the grid stability. :/

Well, I’m angry now. And disappointed. Do you remember in around 2009/10 we, and particuarly Jane of the Danshire Yacht Club, used to race whole fleets of up to 20 very fast boats around the peanut? Yes, we were putting a lot of strain onto the SL servers. And it most always worked out quite fine for most of us, and crashes were only an individual thing.

Ten years later the grid status has become worse! 😦 Or what? Can’t be me, I’m on Fibre now. Uncrashable!

Lindens, can’t live with them, murdering them would be illegal. 😦

Anyways, today’s Sunday, right? So I’ve got enough time to send little Orcsi out again, later today, and start all over. So maybe cya laterz …


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