ASRock DeskMini A300 Reviewed

\o/ Hoohoo! \o/

Guys, you have forgotten all about this ASRock barebone and how much I loved it a couple monthes ago, right? And particularly when they were the first to put an AMD APU in it. Well, just in time to remind you of ASRock’s niftyness, the ETA Prime YouTube channel made a video about the latest version of this nifty little machine:

Mhm, that’s right. The brandspanking new A300 will host an Ryzen 2400G. An APU which will give you some graphics gaming power on the cheap, so what’s not to like? And hey, most importantly, this will make a wonderful Linux powerhouse as well.

But hey, I dunno shit about AMD, so I can’t say if this chip will run Second Life in any satisfying way. You know our weird little playworld is a beast when it comes to hardware requirements. I mean the Ryzen will beat all Intel onboard graphics so you’ll be able to log in and stay indefinately but I can’t say anything about the amount of eyecandy you’ll be able to achieve. Anyway, this is a refreshing new product after its Intel-based predecessor.

What Orca wants for xmas

And here is another video about its Intel-based brethren, the 310:


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