First Preview Of The New Linden Homes At The Home And Garden Expo 2019

After Inara now Daniel too visited the New Linden Homes preview area. Some more snapshots in his article. I gotta say I really fancy those houseboats. They’ll sell like hot cakes, wanna bet?

Daniel Voyager

Welcome to the new Linden homes

Everyone can now see a first preview of the new Linden Homes at the 2019 Home and Garden Expo. Check out the new extra special region called Linden Homes Preview which is now open to the public. From first glance the new Linden Homes look really nice and rather cute.

The initial deployment and launch of these new Linden Homes are still yet to be officially announced. When it does launch the new Linden Homes will be available to all Premium members. These new homes will then be made available on the new SSP continent which may be called Bellisseria.

The SSP continent (Bellisseria) will form a bridge between two of the existing Mainland continents to form a much larger continent which sounds very exciting indeed. The new infrastructure on the new continent will include new docks, beaches, roads, parks, coastlines and much…

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  1. Really? A link between two existing land masses would be great. But, what are they going to link? there is already a link all the way from Gaeta to Jeogeot. Satori is nowhere near any other continent so that one can’t be linked……The Atoll and Sansara are linked and too far away from everything to link those to something else. What they gonna link?

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    • With the exception of your confuzzlement of Jeogeot and Satori you’re absolutely right, hun! I can’t think of any 😮 … hold on! Gaeta 7 or Gaeta 1 or what’s the name of the new one to the north of Corsica? Maybe that can be linked as well. And it would be great and open up a whole buncha new “trading routes”.

      Well, I hope I can finally continue my own adventure on my personal silk road later today or so.


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