Morning Drive


Ohayo multimedial competent friends!

Today I made another video. Not about Second Life or some Linux shit but something totally not related to this blog. 😮 I put my camera on the dashboard when I left the Fitness Club and went on a little drive thru the outskirts of our quickly growing suburbian area. First I entered a development area I like to call LEGOland since all houses there do look same af (obviously the same development company) and then I drive to the more beachy areas until my battery dies.

It’s quite a long video … and pretty boring, too. But hey, such a nice weather, no storm, not much traffic at the time so it’s maybe a fun ride. Dunno. Meh. ¯\(ツ)/¯

Actually this is probably the first video ever of a South African road trip without showing any of the spectacularly beautiful landscapes. 😮 But you know, we’re not on vacation or safari but actually  living here. 🙂

The outskirts of civilisation …

Hey, video-ing is fun. Guess I’ll make more widdiohs in the future, maybe even something nice or so. So please give the vid a thumbs up (bad as it is), comment, subscribble to my channel and make me a rich and famous YouTube star.


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