Second Life Destinations: Skin Fair 2019

Heyas, when I reported about the SL Destinations humbug I didn’t know what a nifty little instrument it would become to fill my bloggo with stories/videos … without doing anything. So kool! 🙂

Anyway, here we go:

Not even a minute long, so this vid won’t steal too much of your valuable time. Hope to c’yall with fresh new unblemished, crinklefree skins soon.

Looking to update your avatar in Second Life? The annual Skin Fair event, held by Pale Girl Productions and LAQ, offers the perfect opportunity to shop for the latest skins, mesh body parts and accessories from about 200 content creators.

Skin Fair 2019 is open now until March 24.



    • Yes, of course it’s crapola, my dear Sam. It’s gotta do with LL and SL, so it must be! But what is exactly? SL Destinations or this year’s Skin Fair?
      Maybe both?


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