What Happens When Windows 7 DIES?

Good question, right? Why? Because dying it will. MS have already prolonged its lifespan far above our expectations. For a steep price tho. Let Linus (not Torvalds but the other one) explain to you what will happen. And guess what, he even recommends Linux as a viable option! Look:

How much more convincing do you need? How even more badly must Microsoft fuk up before you jump ship? Linus, the boss of a gaming-centric YT channel admits Linux is an option, at least for productivity computers. Orca agrees. But she’s 120% Linux anyway, so she don’t count.

So, you already jumped from 7 to 8 to 8.1 to 10. You’ve proven to the world what a stupid self-reliant fuk you are. Of course you can stick with Win10. Yes. Godspeed and all the power to you. But, honestly now, why would anybody do that? The sacrifices, all the disadvantages, are just too great, too unbearable. But please don’t listen to me, I’m stupid, but listen to Linus Tech Tips.



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