The Crew Gets Bigger!

Slowy losing oversight over my underlings colleagues. After the addition of Serena and Macz, just yesterday I successfully shanghaied the alarmingly beautiful and charming Forever Sundays as our latest addition to the editorial staff.


It might take a while until you get to read anything out of Miss Sundays’ quill, since I’ve sent her on assignment right away. After Forever told me she’s busy making photos of Yacht Clubs all over the grid for her Fluckr account I asked her to publish them in my bloggo instead, and maybe add some words, some info, maybe an interview with the commodores  and RDs or anything of interest.

Sounds good?

Yeah, I think so, too. So you might be understanding for the story to take some time to emerge here on this publication. Hopefully it won’t take Forever. 🙂


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