Infinity Cube

Was primdoodling again. Yes, I know I’m supposed to start the next stage of my Grand Tour and will do so very soon … prolly tomorrow. But for today I was inspired by something else. This thing:


It’s a so-called infinity cube. Kinda senseless and useless but interesting concept and super easy to build. So I went to my favourite premium sandbox, grabbed some steel profiles, a grinder, a welding machine, and went to town. Look:

Infinity Cube_001
After overcoming my initial confusion and checking the photo of the original again and again …
Infinity Cube_002
… the second half of my infinity cube was added really quickly.
Infinity Cube_003
So fukn proud of myself. 😉 Ok, still need to finetune the dimensions n stuff. But now off to the galley, dinner doesn’t prepare itself you must know. Laterz kidz xoxox



    • But you’ll probably cheat and make one in mesh, right? 1 prim or so, while I painstakingly glued 18 parts together so they fit exactly to the micrometer.


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