Grand Tour: Reached Interim Goal

Ahoi sailers! Whoa, this morning’s cruise was again ultra bitchy but I survived with only one or two crashes and no cheats whatsover. Wanna see?

Forgot to make LM where I crashed last time. 😦 Now searching frantically for the place …
.. and almost ready to give up and rerez just about anywhere I can find a spot.
But then I recognize the familiar Two Towers. 🙂 And hey presto, rezable moorings! Cool.
Cruise can continue. But, as you can see my computer won’t rez shit around me fast enough to be a joy. Maybe a new GPU would help?
Anyway, no time for IT philosophy, gotta focus on surviving Corsica’s dangerous coastline.
And there is the wooden mac mansion from the last photo of my last report. So actually I’m only making progress from here on out …
… but not for long as yet another sim xing directly at the EOW kicks me off my brave exploration vessel. 😮
Here. Recognize the fukn house now? Stone columns on a dockside house? Some people have no sense of locality. :/
Reluctantly I’m wearing the trusty but laggy Banline HUD now and find in Sleepy Bay almost a whole sim of rezzy goodness. Yeehaw! 🙂
Pfff, those surfing waves aren’t strong enough to kill my little Bandit boat. I’m shaken but not stirred. 😉
Other skippers had lesss luck and patience than me. The lonely grey yacht is turning around in circles without any crew anywhere near. Obviously some great tragedy of epic proportions happened there. 😦
For me and the Bandit 25 today’s spurt to the finish line has started.
Sailing is love, sailing is life!
I’m still on west wind, not cheating but truly sailing my way around all obstacles. And see how slow shit rezzes around me?
Then … Oh Yeah! The legendary Danshire Yacht Club’s Debelox racing line, the goal of today’s stage, appears on my screen. Yippie!
I know there is rez at and around the line, so I can moor the Bandit and let the Lindens take it without any risk.
Jane’s Danshire Yacht Club is ancient history now, and I guess the Debelox line hasn’t been used in ages. Where the club was they’ve built a Hard Rock Café. And the ElMorro lighthouse I used to live in for a while in Triumphal is a copybotted version. :/ Pfff. Still nice to see stuff from one’s own, more glamorous, past. 🙂

I’m just so happy I’ve finished a stage of my Grand Tour as I was supposed to and not crashed and drowned as usual. 😉 So continuing from here shouldn’t be a problem  at all and I can  restart my adventure at any time. But not now, it’s early mornin’ Yoga time for me. Laterz byeeeee…


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