I Have a Bad Feeling About …

… Sansar’s future. When even gaming giant Valve chickens out now, what’s Linden Lab gonna do?

I hate to say I told you so

WoolongWhat does one of those Octopusses cost, like 300 Woolong? With the handheld thingies obviously much more, say 500, ok? Plus the new powerful hardware to operate all that shit, all of a sudden we’re talking about thousands of Woolongs now. 😮

Uh-HuhTshirtYou guys have any idea what Orcsi could do with that amount of dough? What YOU could do with it? And you thinking about much betterer options than a silly gaming fad too? Mhm. Exactly. Uh-huh!

https://steamstore-a.akamaihd.net/public/shared/images/header/globalheader_logo.png?t=962016So, anyway, Valve has seen the  negative development of VR in the gaming industry and pulled the ripcord before a save landing becomes impossible. Now let’s see if anyone in LL’s leadership clicque is aware enough to do the same. I’d hate to lose my virtual home due to the stubborn idiocy of an overpaid Swedish CEO. :/

EbbeAltbergHaven’t I said it since years, already when I first heard about Ebbe Altberg taking over the reign, and hearing about his plans? “A Swede that doesn’t sail isn’t trustworthy!” is what I said. Well, Ebbe is a cross-country skier, has no use for SL’s worldmap and doesn’t sail. So I guess I’ve been right, haven’t I?


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