Something New by the Lab

Dunno what it is with good ole Linden Lab but lately they are kinda bursting with activities  n stuff. Dunno what I should think of the newest fad, but when three bloggers (three of my checklist, probably many more overall) are independently reporting about this new thing it seems to be something big.

So please check out Jo Yardley, Daniel Voyager, and Inara Pey‘s informed writeups.

Photo by Inara Pey

It’s a video series about destinations in Second Life. Hmmm, I find that kinda less interesting since we’ve all got a world map, vehicles and the wondrous magical power to beam teleport to any location on the SL grid. And then we have enough very nifty bloggers, like Inara for example, showing us super sims and how to get there. So I guess this is just another of The Lab’s tricks to give the most uninspired and uncreative bottomfeeders of the SL society something to do.

But here, have  a looksee at the first batch of The Lab’s own Destinations videos:

PS: I love Chica Ghost, you all know that. But don’t you, too, get the feeling she’s slowly starting to become kinda repetitive and her works more and more meta?


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