As Always …

Life Isn't Always Rainbows and Unicorns – Church Sermon Series Ideas

… I’ve missed yet another milestone in my SL and blogging career:


Unicorns and Rainbows Won't Help Your Social Media...Data WillYeah, with some help by my friends and colaborateurs we’ve jumped over yet another hurdle and published more than 4,000 more or less stupid (me) and clever (others) blogposts.

Here’s looking at many more …




    • Thx a bunch, Sheeple. With releasing up to 8 daily posts you know I’m a firm believer in quantity over quality. Hehe … 🙂


        • See, and that’s the keypoint of my blogging: I just don’t care if anything resonates with anyone, I just publish my brainfarts whenever I let one rip. Knowing exactly I’ve probably lost more readers than winning new ones I’d go on blogging even if I was the last asshole on earth. I do this shit for me first and foremost; anyone else may consume my shit when they feel like it … or not. Meh.

          And since I win over new followers all the time this is more of a cult than a blog. =^.^=
          Either that or people are really fascinated with clueless GNU/Linux and FOSS blogging and bashing America than most usually would admit to. :/


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