Ooooooh Shiiiiit!

Guys, I’m so so sorry. 😦 But maybe you know how it is: You supposed, since days, to blog about your Grand Tour in Second Life but you’re too tired and lazy and instead of starting soe pseudo action in world, you just hang out in front of your computer and watch boring YouToob videos. You aslo know you’re no supposed to blog about boring Linux shit all the time, and you already apologized for it in your last Linux story from just half an hour ago.

So no Linux blogging for a while, ok?

Yes mom. :/

But oh, what’s that? Nice comparison between two Linux distros which are the hotness right now. Can’t let that slip. Gotta show it to you gurlz and bois and penguins:


Look! See how hot MX and Mint are right now? Of course the grey eminence Manjaro thrones above them but is not even half as hot as MX and Mint are right now in the Linuxverse.

So, without changing my recommendation for your first baby steps in Linux, if you’re a bit older and wiser, checking out the Debian based MX won’t do you no harm. And if you got a server to run I even consider a Debian-based operating system a must!

Now back to our regularly scheduled program …




  1. Whoa, I didn’t realize your blog was NSFW! Is it ironic that I read it more for the Linux stuff than the Second Life stuff? I tend not to play online roleplaying games much, because I fear getting too addicted and neglecting other parts of my life!

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    • 🙂 Teehee. /me gigglesnorts

      1) NSFW: Come on, nobody’s sposed to surf the interwebz and play during paid work hours! Also Orca is pixels ffs, just pixels. Not even an effigy of a real existing person. And if I was about making her sexy I’d given her much bigger assets and long hair, like the bois like it. But no, I made Orca not a stunner but a sportive stuntgirl.

      2) My blog started out as a “Sailing in SL” blog, became more of a general SL topics blog, politics blog and, a couple years back, also added some Linux stories.

      3) SL ain’t a game per se. It’s a virtual world. Orca lives in it. She doesn’t RP, like, ever. But many SL residents do RP, either full time or casually. Which means I have friends with whom I sail races and go to parties, who are also spending time in RP sims.

      4) The danger of neglecting ones RL is always a given. I’ve heard horror stories about moms leaving their babies unattended for hours and all that shite. I used to be kinda addicted too but then it doesn’t matter in my case since I don’t really have a job or kidz and am kinda twice as old as most SL resis (although I know some really, really old ones), and have more than enough time on my hands.
      And SL helped me getting out of a depression … without any psychodoc or medicine. Just kept me busy and made me feel better.

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      • Oh wow, that’s just crazy. Yes, I understand that it’s a virtual world; I suppose there aren’t necessarily “goals” to attain. I still like interacting with actual people in person – though I chat on IRC quite a lot! Come join us sometime. JOIN US…JOIN US!!!

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        • IRC, what purpose does it serve? Just chatting? Not for me, sorry. I’m not the smalltalk queen.

          And LOL, contrary to you and most normal people I’m kinda introvert hermit in RL and have no need to meet any real people in real life. My daily visits to the gym, the litte bit of talking I have to do in the supermarket and with mechanics and neighbours and all that daily stuff is more than enough human interaction for me.
          Often I’m even happy that hubby ticks the same way. We can each of us sit at our office desks (not in the same room, mind you) for hours without even talking to each other. I guess we’re officially the mostest boringestest peepels in the universe. =^.^=

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