“Time is Relative!”

No, it’s not! Shuddup, Einstein.

We fuk the scientific definition but look at time as it appears to us, as we experience it. As we feel its passing, individually. Okay, you with me? Good.

Time isn’t relative but just melting away.

What makes Orca freely writing about physical theories n shit at 7 o’clock in the fukn morning? Shouldn’t she have other problems, other things to do right now? Yes and no. Yes, I’m starving and need to make some sandwiches pretty soon. And no, I’ve already finished my morning routine, made peepee and brushed my teeth. So I have time to blog about time!

Healthy Young Woman Brushing Teeth Stock Footage Video (100 ...
Brushing teeth and running Linux makes you look smug!

What made me think about the concept of time was … ahem, Linux. Yeah, sowwy. :/ I feel I’ve gotta clear up some misconception about computer software, some general misbelieve about the time it takes to put a new alien operating system on your hardware, the time it takes yourself to prepare for the magic moment.

Sceptical woman 575 - Energy Live News
Overthinking won’t be of any use.

Actually it was a single female reader of this blog who once commented she’d like to try Linux herself and will maybe do it later that year, in the winter when she’s got time for new projects. Oh sister, you’re so wrong! This almost made me angry, when she said it.

Project management - AXATC
This is a project! Putting a silly OS on your silly second hand PC ain’t.

You don’t need time switch to Linux. Neither spiritually, not on an intellectual level, nor for the technical process. In the year 2019 it’s easier than ever before, and faster too. You guys have witnessed me installing not one but two very different Linux distros on one and the same computer yesterday. Two! In  one day. Actually inside 2 hours. I even had the time to write short reviews about each. And I was surfing and watching YouTube on another computer, so the installation process didn’t even need my full attention.

Why You Might Want to Tune In to YouTube TV - Consumer Reports
Bestest time-waster ever: YouTube.

In case you aren’t moonlighting as a IT dept for a huge company and have to set up hundreds of client PCs and switch them from Windows to Linux, the whole thing shouldn’t take you longer than one hour. And I’m even pretty conservative in that assessment. In fact is your network speed the most deciding factor when installing new software, operating system or anything else doesn’t matter.

Why People Look Down on the IT Department | IT Business Blog
Those servers are already all on Linux, they’re not your concern.

Take for example Orca’s experience of yesterday: Condres’ huge ISO of 2.3 GB took like 25 minutes to download; much lighter – and better – Linux Lite’s 1.3 GB came down in a 5 or 6 minutes or so. Perfect. Because in  that time you can decide on what you gonna do: Wipe your old computer and put Linux on it exclusively (YAY!) or install Linux as a secondary OS that you dual boot with Windows (Doable but not so good on a kharma level). Technically both solutions are easy to accomplish and should take roundabout the same time. Backup of your personal data you should do in any case, for security reasons. And then you can freely run wild on your hardware.

How to Install Linux: 13 Steps (with Pictures) - wikiHow
Bullshit! You won’t need an elaborate How-To.

Installation of Linux Lite (and Mint and Namib and MX and Manjaro and and and) takes roundabout 5 minutes. Yes, people, this ain’t Windows, this is effective computing! Welcome to a new universe, a new dimension! Of course after that you must run the initial update, which can take quite some time, depending on how old your ISO file is. But as this is Linux, you can use the time in which your system shovels all the new data onto the computer to set up your desktop as you fancy it. Play a bit around with fonts, themes, icons and all that funny stuff. Or just go to the kitchen and brew a coffee or open a cold one in celebration.

Dallmayr Kaffee In The Spotlight: Drink Up! – Enjoy Better Coffee
Too bad the editrix doesn’t drink neither. 😦 But then … she’s already on Linux and doesn’t need any further stimuli. 🙂

See? See how easy and quick it all went? Don’t any of you bishies dare calling the installation of Linux a project ever again. It’s a process alright. But not a project!

Getting Started with Linux: Installing Linux on Your Computer
You need a PC and a USB-stick. What you won’t need is time.


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