And This is Why …

… you don’t install vanilla Debian on your computer all by your lonesome:

Chris Titus Tech YT channel.

YouTuber Chris Titus did a live stream of him installing a bog standard Debian on his computer. He’s a professional IT guy … and he ran into many problems. As you can see he even split the stream into two parts of 2:43, respectively 3:27 hours length in order to get rid of the wurstest parts. That’s over 6 hours of nothing but installation and configuration fun. 😦

Shooting Foot
What an attempt to install Debian be like …

Ridiculous! And fukn stupid! And totally nonsensical. Nothing against Debian, as it makes a super basis as Operating System for all kinds of Linux distros but is pure and utter shit by itself. Sorry, it is like it is. Use MX, use LMDE, use Antix or Sparky, use many more Debian-based distros in all possible flavours and usage scenarios. But please don’t go through a 6.something hours-long marathon of lonelyness and desperation just in order to prove some silly concept! Life is too precious and much too short for that sort of shit! :/



  1. Debian on servers is one thing. On your desktop? Pro’bly not. I have my doubts that Debian was ever actually intended for the desktop anyway. “Universal operating system” my arse. Debian had to be tamed, domesticated so to speak, by other people for desktop use. First my Mepis, then Ubuntu, now joined by others trying to adapt Debian to desktop use. The Debian developers will say otherwise, the very existence of all these forks outrunning (and in some cases outperforming Debian on the desktop proves otherwise. Linus himself can’t install Debian! Really! He even said so at a DebCon and it’s on youtube!

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    • I assume you’re talking about this now legendary film document:

      And I honestly don’t know if Debian was actually cooked up for any specific reason. It was the first ever Linux distro and even its very name is a lie. It was just Ian by himself who made it, his then GF Deb(by) had nothing to do with Linux and he just used her name to prove that even nerdy geeks can have girlfriends.


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