Saturday is Linux Day!

LOL! No, it’s not. Its just by accident that I planned to do two Linux kinda-reviews today, and found out it’s Saturday. So fukn be it! Well, the two distros I had in mind are a newcomer and a newish version of an old stalwart of the Linux scene. Without having installed one of them (still waiting for the download to finish) I can already tell you that I won’t recommend any of them. My recommendation for Linux n00bs and Linux oldbies still stands: Linux Mint is the OS to install and the way to go. Basta. The reasons why I won’t recommend none of the two candidates of today I’ll tell you in the writeups for either system.

But let’s start with Spaghetti Archeroli, the Italian made Condres OS:

Pizza al Archiabata.

You might have figured out by now that Condres OS is based on ArchLinux. Hey, that’s cool n all but maybe not for you if you are, like, totally new to this wondrous Linux thingamajig. But the real reason why I won’t recommend Condres to anyone I’ll tell you a bit further down in this article.

SourceForge is always a good download source for all sorts of Linuxy shit.

Without telling you right now why you shouldn’t use Condres OS, maybe you see the reason when you look at this snapshot of Condres’ website:

Nine (in words: 9) ISO files to download is a bit of an overkill, dontcha think? Particularly if you only need six of ’em to make every user happy. Linux & Other Stuff in his YT video I also had problems installing Condres on my oldest and weakest (but still nifty) desktop computer, MiniMe. The whole operation went kinda slow and was always interrupted by stupid questions for my password. And that although the installation program just told me a couple minutes ago that I won’t need a password during life testing and installation. It’s all a bit illogical.

I mean it’s very nice of the Condres devs to use Manjaro’s home made Calamares installer for ease of life; that it’s fukn slow and tells me I’m using the wrong password isn’t inspring confidence in this certain Linux distro tho. But, alas, eventually the installer reports everything is done and I shall reboot the computer. And, actually, the installation time wasn’t even too long, considering Condres’ ISO file has a size of 2.2 GB. Compared to Windows this is nothing but for a modern Linux it’s kinda gigantic. We’ll soon find out why the ISO is soooo fukn beeeeg!

Bildschirmfoto von 2019-03-02 12-03-19
Condres is indeed fukking humongous! Not as gigantic as Suse but totally overdone for a greyhound Arch distro. Look at all those stupid icons …

See this desktop workspace? What an unholy shambles without rhyme or reason. I bet you won’t even need  half as many options and klickerthings. Arch is for advanced users alright, but not even advanced users have use for all the bullshit. In fact do we prefer a kinda empty system on which we can install all our prefered software individually.

Bildschirmfoto von 2019-03-02 12-10-48
… and then there are even more programs and apps and settings n shit. 😮

This is supposed to be the Cinnamon desktop environment as many of you know it from your Mint installs. Looks kinda different, kinda Italian, right?

Bildschirmfoto von 2019-03-02 12-21-33
And the initial update failed three times before it failed me totally. 😦

So first the Condres devs totally misunderstood the concept of ArchLinux, which isn’t a problem. We can delete all the shit we don’t need. But why o why didn’t they take a bit more care of the core functions of the distro. This thing is kinda brandspanking new, so why did the installation and the first update already went so wrong?

As so often one’s gotta ask oneself what makes this distro so great we can deal with the few problems? What makes Condres OS so different from other Arches? Why should I switch? honestly, I can’t see a reason! Of course I can beat this distro into submission and make it usable and nifty. Not a problem, gimme half hour. But again: WHY??? I have the more or less perfect Namib GNU/Linux that comes out of the box the way I want and need it. Condres OS looks and feels like a cheap Chinese copy of Namib. Ok, the Condres devs obviously had a similar idea to frederic2ec’s of Namib fame. And obviously they didn’t and still don’t know about their better twin OS from Canada. But still, this shit isn’t good Shit. No need for that crap!

So, ok, I can free MiniMe of the crappola right away and put the next candidate on. Shit man, I was so looking forward to finding Archy bliss with Condres, now the next distro is a Debian I guess. Hmmm, maybe that one will be ok-ish. Let’s see.



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