Saturday is Indeed Linux Day… at least in the Flotta home, as I’m gonna molest my poor old MiniMe calculator with a second Linux installation. All in one day! And this second install shall be a very well settled champion of the (unwashed) masses, the infamous nanny state, going by the name of Linux Lite.

But today we’re not gonna install the lame old Linux Lite 4.2 but the Release Candidate 4.4-RC1 which was just published on 27.02.19. So a little bit of frostyness is advised as Release Candidates should be good to go but they are still candidates and not final release versions. Small changes and bug fixes might still occur. Shouldn’t matter much, as LL is an old warhorse and shouldn’t give us any trubbelz. 😉


Very weird: This oldold operating system runs lots faster than Condres as well. Usually Arch systems are supposed to run circles around lame-ass Ubuntus. But Linux Lite honours its name and shows it’s not just n00b-friendly but also very spunky. Hey, if you’re on really old hardware, it’s no shame to be on Linux Lite and I know for a fact that many old salts and Linux experts are using and loving this particular distro.


Linux Lite sports the Xfce Desktop Environment, which is almost as nice as my beloved Mate and even a bit lighter. Shouldn’t be a problem operating Linux Lite if you’re used to Windows.

This again is a typical case of Do as I say, not as I do!, since I, personally, would never use Linux Lite, never ever! My silly pride and Better Than Thou! attitude won’t allow me to compute in the  same playground as the masses. Sorry. 😉


Last, and most important, test for my little writeup: Singularity Viewer werkz like a fukn charme and shows us my youngest sister Phree Radikal in all her cocky glory. Honest now, what’s not to like about Linux Lite? Yes, I know every time I tested Linux Lite I never found it any good but now … I dunno if it indeed became so much betterer or if my tolerance level went up. I really liked Lite during my short test ride.

So contary to my prediction from earlier this morning, I can indeed recommend Linux Lite for all my readers … no wait. Not for all. If your dedicated Linux test machine is kinda goody and you’re not a total doofus, you should go with Linux Mint! 100 pro! But if you’re easily overwhelmed and stressed out by new shit, and your computer is the last dreck, then, yes, go with Linux Lite. Nanny takes you by the hands and prays you through the moving in period.

But whatever you do: SWITCH TO LINUX YOU MUST!



  1. My former favorite, before turning completely to MX-Linux. Definitely n00b-friendly, every bit as much as Mint, but lots lighter and faster on modest hardware. HOWEVER, those updates from upstream are oh-my-good-gracious-sakes-of-the-world DANGEROUS! At least on Mint, updates can be “filtered” and beta-stuff avoided. Put put the Mint updater (available for Linux Lite at on it, and I think beats even the venerable and awesfomeful Linux Mint for newbie friendliness.

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    • For me the desktop environment is always the most important part of any distro, and in that regard Mint is the clear winner. It comes with Cinnamon and Mate while Lite is restricted to the outdated XFCE. Yes, Lite beat Mint in puncto n00b-friendliness but for a price: You are living in a nanny state. :/

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      • A “nanny state,” LOL. Probably true to a point, but the real nanny state distro is ElementaryOS! You can’t even tweak it beyond changing the wallpaper. As for the desktop, Linux Lite wouldn’t be lite if not for the Xfce desktop, which is still in active development but doesn’t totally change every little thing with each new release like, say, Gnome and KDE do. It’s slow development means it’s stable and true to it’s original vision. A new version is out soon, already in the latest version of Xubuntu for those who wanna look and give it a test drive. Good stuff!

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  2. One more great danger of Linux Lite is that it comes with a zillion and twelve PPAs! PPAs are high risk, and that makes it not so good for newbies. A much better choice is Mint because of the updater, or MX-Linux because it’s built from Debian Stable.

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    • I love the way you’re thinking, Robin. I’ve always been a bit weary of Linux Lite and its overbearing nature myself. Being a n00b on a new system doesn’t necessarily mean we’re stupid and have the mindset of toddlers. But Linux Lite assumes exactly that. If anyone would’ve put so much energy into n00bs on Windows, oh my, the computing world would be a very different thing now.

      And, right again, Debian, as Ubuntu’s mothership, is naturally the better source to fork-off. In so far I trust in MX even more than in Mint. And if putting Cinnamon on it is really as easy as Karmi claims, I see no reason why it shouldn’t become the next crowdpleaser. Ooops, it already is! 🙂


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