Grand Tour Continued – 01.03.19

Ohayo! Guess who went sailing today … or at least tried to?

You remember the editrix crashed again and ended up at Marie Antoinette’s place which had a dock but no rez area. Fortunately I didn’t have to go all the way back but managed to find a rather nice temporary rez area on a little Linden isle. Life is good. So set wind to a moderate westerly breeze and off we goooooo…
…ooo until we crash just a couple seconds after today’s start. It all happens so abruptly, sailing happily one moment, drowning the next! 😮
Fortunately my trusty little cruiser-racer ended up caught in a kinda boat-house. And I was happy to jump aboard before it disintegrated.
Then it was cruising like nothing had happened. But I’m careful, leave the wind on 11 kts and set waypoints in the worldmap in pretty harmless areas as far as possible.
Of course nothing is harmless on Corsica’s south coast, and what looks so harmless in the pics is indeed me slipping along the small area between privately owned land and the EOW. It’s hairy. :/
But then, much too seldom we come across tiny patches of open ocean and sailing is fun again.
Such corners are maybe harmless when you have good ping and latency. But I don’t, and these spots where you hit 3 sims in a matter of just seconds, are super dangerous when your conection has a bad day and needs up to 20 secs for the handover from one sim to the next. :/  I was lucky here.
But there already looms the next corner, and the fukn owner even put a boathouse dock on public water: 😦
Pheew, lucky again. But then, like  10 secs later …
… we know this situation already, no?
So wash, rinse, repeat until the boat is finally gone. Like for realsies. 😦
And another dock with no rez permission. 😦
Then I find some rez spot. Don’t ask me where exactly. Just one comment about the boat: I know most of you love big fat-ass yachts with sexbeds and all the luxuries, and the Bandit 25 isn’t that at all. But! it’s a the perfect cruiser/explorer boat, tiny enough to slip through the most narrow passages  and with its autotrim system it gives you time to navigate while your “invisible crew” takes care of the sail trim. It’s humble but nifty, that’s why I had the Linux Mint sticker slapped onto the hull. 🙂
Then again a big crash, just some minutes later. This time it’s so bad, nothing werkz anymore! 😮 I can’t even close the Singularity viewer and have to reboot my computer. I was angry and highly nervous before, but now I’m furious and decide to end the cruise right where I am … wherever that may be. :/

I hope my aggro level will be lower in a few days so I can go on with this super problematic cruise. In the meantime enjoy the blog in no-crisis mode. 😉

Laterz xoxox


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