Remember This?

Watched some old old Everybody Hates Chris episodes last night and this song was playing at a party … and I got all emotional and nostalgic. Kurtis Blow wasn’t the first rapper, not by far, but since I wasn’t really a rap girl, he left the most impact on me.


But there was also the great Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five, which had much more hits than Kurtis …

… and they had the nerve to write songs against drugs! 😮

But hey, just to make my little excursion into the jurassic age complete, the inevitable tune that started it all …

Sugarhill Gang‘s delightful Rapper’s Delight. I celebration of the most tasteless fashion ever!

And here’s the full story, 1979 – 2017:

And now it’s 7:40 a.m., off to the gym I hop …


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