Hubby’s Burfdei

Was two days ago. Wanna see what he got from his loving and lovely waifu?


I knew he had his eyes on this Chinacaster guitar since long, and he was never really pleased with his other e-guitar he got for xmas like 2 years ago or so. Well, he always had his eyes on this very lovely handmade Telecaster copy by the old and traditional Spanish luthier mass-manufacturer Sanchez – with their headquarters and owners being located somewhere in Shanghai or thereabouts – and being of the typical dirtcheap Chinese quality.

Okay, but I have to admit, this China Tele is actually much heavier, looks like it’s better built and much much better finished in a kinda metallic blue tone. Lovely. And since hubby is ashamed to play loud but always has his headphones plugged into the amplifier I’m cool with him having two guitars now.

Sanchez Telecaster and Cort Super Strat

All fine with me, as long as I mustn’t listen to his hapless guitar hero failures. When he’s happy I’m happy too. 🙂


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