Cool! :)

All Orcablog reading parents, please look away now!

Or do you like kidz?

Stuff like this might still be too subtle and subliminal to be of any real practical use when it’s about getting rid of the rugrats. Why don’t we just make a claim these kidz don’t recognize human rights and … they have lots of oil? This should get results rather quickly, no?



    • Don’t say you have a soft spot for the shortleggers. Macz? I’m not amused about you’re treacherous behaviour. You’re a traitor against the adult freedom movement! πŸ˜‰


  1. I spent quite a bit of time last Sunday dealing with someone thinking of suicide as a viable option for dealing with her problems. I have personally dealt with the aftermath of three suicides and been close to people dealing with a number of others. I don’t think it is ever anything to joke about.

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    • You’re right it’s serious, actually life threatening serious, that’s why me, and many others, awkwardly joke about it. It’s a coping mechanism. But I personally have yet another way to deal with suicide: If I ever come across a suicidal person I’d bitchslap them so hard they’d all forget about their dimwitted plan. Suicide isn’t an option! Like never. Not when you’ve dealt with people dying from cancer. My sister for example. She was clinging to her life up to the last minute. She was angry and furious. Oh, she was so bitter about having to die, you think she would’ve shown any understanding for some stupid teenie drama queen entertaining the thought of offing themselves? If I or you or anybody told her there are indeed some stupid fux in the world who wanna end their lifes … she would have kicked their stupid asses so hard, you wouldn’t believe. And that’s the same any wannabe suicide candidate can expect from me.
      Suicidal people make me angry. They get no pity, no sympathy, no compassion from me; just a slap over the head!


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