linux-mate-namib… was an important anniversary for me, and like all important anniversaries, and although I was really looking forward to the occasion, I totally forgot it. 😮 Yesterday marked my 1st anniversary on Namib GNU/Linux since the 24th February 2018 and my first installation of Namib on one of my test machines.

Right the next day, or maybe even the same night, I was so convinced of Namib’s goodness – of course it was good, it had to be, it’s an Arch-Linux derivative – that I installed it also on this machine, MiniMax, my best computer, my trusty production machine … and on all my other hardware as well. From my superduper fancy SL-gaming and media center, photo editing and blogging machine, via MiniMe and Gaga right down to my lame-ass OrcNet Acer netbook.

Most importantly; Namib is my daily rider since one full year today!

NamibLOGOOf course all the other machines are switching their operating systems quite often, always when I test a new Linux distro, but MiniMax remains and will remain on Namib!

MiniMax is Namib’s home since exactly one year. Yeah, he’s naked wearing his summer costume.


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