The World Sailing Show – March 2019


it’s the time of the month again, The World Sailing Show time. For March the show comes loaded with these hothot topics:

00:52 The Golden Globe – The first two home

08:00 Spindrift – Down and out again

10:19 Cool kit – Innovations for 2019

18:36 Another Challenger for the America’s Cup

19:39 Hempel World Cup Series Miami

After 211 days at sea, Jean-Luc Van Den Heede completed his solo circumnavigation and took the trophy for the 2019 Golden Globe Race. Among those waiting to greet him was the man who had started it all, the first man to lap the planet non-stop and alone, Sir Robin Knox-Johnston. We hear from both, plus the man who just missed out despite a 15,000 mile epic chase – second placed Mark Slats describes his trip around the world. From the first to the fastest, how Spindrift’s campaign to set a new round the world time was delivered a crushing blow…again. Plus, we take a look at some of the coolest kit for 2019. We report on the latest in the America’s Cup World and we head to Miami for the Hempel World Cup Series.

As interesting as real life sailing might be, for us virtual beings sailing in SL is much more important. In that regard Macz and Lucy each held successful races in Triumphal while Orca is on a typically ill-conceived, still ongoing Grand Tour around Nautilus, Corsica and Gaeta V.  All three wrote detailed reports about their enterprises for this here blog.


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