STAR CLASS Racing Club – 24/feb/2019

Was there a party somewhere that we weren’t invited to? Well, why else would our fleet of pretty STARs from last week be decimated to a mere hat-trick of boats this week? 😦

Still, three boats is still three boats, yes? So of course we decided to go play. Unfortunately SL decided it wasn’t letting us play much with the Bingo Strait… But more of that later, let’s look at the early stages of Race 1, a southerly downwind start (see Orca, we really are brave in SCRC!) which heads out of Triumphal towards the Bingo Strait…

How’s this for a start, Moonglow crossing the line in the first race within the first second … DOWNWIND!
Moonglow/Lia leading from Kim and Max/Wyndi.
This was the last time all three boats were seen…

Then Bingo Strait started to bite. First Kim’s boat was seen heading towards the eastern horizon on it’s own. Then Moonglow didn’t tack around Mark #5 … because his boat was also empty. And then both Max and Wyndi were seen climbing back on board their STAR. Unfortunately, although they managed to regain control and cross the line, they had totally missed Mark #5 so failed to complete the course correctly.

Result = 2 DNFs and 1 DSQ 😦

The RD decided that the second race shouldn’t risk going into the Bingo Strait again, so a quick change of course was announced. Well, it wasn’t SL’s fault this time (although the RD managed to crash during this race), but here’s a pic of the only person to successfully complete the race…

Well done Moonglow – you got the course right and didn’t crash, enough to be today’s champion.

Next week. There’s always next week for a more successful event.


  1. WOW Moon’s start was really bold! That’s the prob with downwind starts, they can fuk up your complete race plan right at the start and you’ve gotta wait for the whole fleet to finish before you get another chance. Foregoing Bingo was a wise decision. I remember I once made a very bitchy course that had us staying in the Dunai sims and was a very technical dragster race for the most part. 😉
    Great entertainment without even dipping a toe into unreliable Bingo waters. The course sshould be in the mapgiver at the startline.


    • The course we used stays in the three northern Dunai sims, the head of the Dunai ‘T’ as it were. It basically does two anti-clockwise laps using many of the old Linden buoys and causes a lot of confusion and navigational challenges to the sailors – nobody ever accused me of making life easy lol – but couldn’t be called a dragster race as it has far too many corners 😉
      The information cards and charts for all our courses are available in our Club House on the east side of Triumphal Bay, and the next event’s courses are distributed from the poster boards on the rezz zone wall, so there is no need to add extra courses to TrYC’s chart giver at the line.

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