Not So Cute Not So Little

But much more besterer than the Liva Q2 nonsense. Just a couple days earlier Lon reviewed the Shuttle XPC Slim DH370 a small form factor barebone with Intel Coffee Lake processor. Let’s see if this little powerhouse is maybe something for you:

As Lon said, this little thing can take everything from i3 up to i7 processors and RAM and storage galore. So you can make a weak, decent or very powerful computer from this. Obviously not a gaming PC since there is no place for a real graphics card. Hey, this a tiny bit larger than my Gaga but not as humungously huge as MiniMe. And powerfullerer than both. So this will make a superduper Linux tester! A real grown up office PC in a very small package. On the other hand are 370 American Woolongs not really a bargain. :/


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