My Own Second Life Linux Group :)

In case you’ve ever perved my profile in SL you’d have noticed that I’m member of nearly every single Linux group. And that they are pretty much all dead. Full of people but mostly inactive. :/ So I thought I might not be the greatest Linux expert but I’m totally lacking any ambition, as good as the next lazy Linux group owner, so I can make my own zombiefied Linux group and be absolutely believable. And so I did! And I am fukn believable! 🙂


And here I already am, sneaked into some rental office and hijacked the conference room and computer of their renters, inviting my altsisters and brother into the group. 😉 Must be done since 48 hours after founding of any SL group it will automatically be deleted if it hasn’t at least 2 members. We’re 5 now and I kinda know for a fact that none of the bishies will just leave; not without my knowing it.

Namib GNU/Linux

For fans of this most neat and nifty ArchLinux derivative. Forget Manjaro, forget Antergos, forget ArcoLinux, we girls enjoy the awesomeness of Namib GNU/Linux.

NamibLOGOEnrollment is open and free. But it only makes sense, if any, when you’re already a Linux user, possibly on Namib’s spin of ArchLinux. I guess there is no other person in SL apart from me and my siblings logging in on such a cool system. 🙂 But let’s see how it goes. The group is only, like, half an hour old and then we also have the old saying: Everything you can find in RL you’ll also find in SL … and then some more.

Case in point, a peroxide blonde in dripping wet sailing garb and sandy feet, breaking into a stranger’s office, and hijacking their facilities just to make a silly photo. Cool eh? Let’s see how many hundreds of “Namibians” we have next week.


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