I Don’t Want To Live On This Planet Anymore

Bad idea plus bad execution:

Why, OMG, Whyyyyyy?

Says Nike:

Getting the right fit from a performance shoe is both personal and complicated. Consider basketball: Over the course of a basketball game, the foot can expand almost a half-size during play. A level of fit that feels comfortable at one point might feel constrictive just 24 minutes later. Because the needs of the foot change at any given time based on the sport, its duration and on specific movements, like a slashing cut to the basket, “perfect fit” is a floating target.

The effort to refine fit has yielded a number of innovative platforms through Nike’s history – Huarache, Flywire and Flyknit, to name a few. Perhaps none was more critical to advancing custom fit than the 2016 introduction of the Nike HyperAdapt 1.0, the first Nike multipurpose performance shoe to feature power lacing.

Now, Nike has found its most advanced fit solution to date: Nike Adapt, a platform that creates a truly custom fit by combining an advanced power-lacing system, an app and continually updated firmware, featured in the new Nike Adapt BB basketball shoe.

Says Orcsi:


Wanna see RL Orca’s most advanced shoe-like things, which she wears since years, day in day out? In and around the house she goes barefoot, of course, but when out and about she dresses in “South African white bishie footwear” because she just can’t be bothered dressing up:

Left: quasi hi tec, water resistant sandals but with toe-caps, and right: some ultra cheapo Chinese Crocs knock-off I found at the super market. Of course I got two of every sort, so I don’t wear this combination. Particularly since both shoes are for the right foot. 😉
Breaking Down the Nike Adapt BB 18
In order to wear Nike shoes you need to study human anatomy first. :/



  1. The day I need a shoe to tell me what size to wear or for my fridge to keep track of the eggs and milk……..
    Lay me down and cover me up because I’m dead. Self lacing shoes………invent something productive!

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    • Didn’t you read the article, stupid lezbian? Our feetsies grow by half a number when we play sportsball. I don’t know how the cave people dealed with that particular problem but Nike has a very clever and productive idea to remedy the malaise. Too bad they were thinking like Americans and their app only werkz on proprietary iPhone shit.
      I can’t wait for the first sportspeople to shout for a time-out since they’ve run out of batteries and need to recharge. =^.^=


    • The people who raised you were very wise, buying your choos a number too big saved them some good dough since your footsies were still growing anyways, sporty activities or not.


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