Did I Leave Just In Time?

Just in time to avoid Manjaro revealing its uglier side?

Not sure. I mean, ok, Chris Titus is a pro and he’s not afraid of going where it hurts BUT! I’d never done what he did. I’d never use Pamac but only Pacman for my updates and upgrades. Keep It Simple Stupid, right? Better type a short command in terminal than  clicking about in a graphical application. And I’d avoid KDE/Plasma like the plague. And I’d never load so much special shit on my computer in the first place. Anyhoo, I made my negative experiences with Manjaro, and its not very supportive forum crowd and their uncaring policies myself. Yes, I too suffered my fair share of crashes and fubared systems. So much so that I looked for and found a much better operation system. Pretty very happy on Namib GNU/Linux now since almost  a year.

And you, dear readers and wannabe, soon-to-be convertites? Nothing new: Go Mint or go home!

For fairness’s sake it’s gotta be said that Manjaro did treat me well for the most part. After my guruine Jean Horten told me to install it and choose the Mate desktop environment – I was still pretty n00b at that time and Manjaro was still in Alpha stages – my knowledge and abilities to help myself advanced by leaps and bounds. It was a revelation! Hey, a lovely curated ArchLinux, who wouldn’t fall in love with that? In my eyes Manjaro became for the Arch family what Ubuntu became in the Debian family. But, just like when you grow up and swap your vanilla Ubuntu for Mint for some real Debian spin, so in the Arch world when you grow up you leave your Manjaro behind and either go total geek and try to install vanilla Arch … or be a clever housewife and choose one of the Arch installers like i.e. Antergos, ArcoLinux or even Namib GNU/Linux.

And Guru Jean? She’s keeping Manjaro on one of her many computers. Because for some years it didn’t break, and for nostalgic reasons. Her other hardwares are on different ArchLinux derivatives as well.


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