Our New Bestest Friend

… NATO partner in crime, Ukraine shows its true face. 😮

Better support bankrupt nazis than tolerating Russians or what?

And our freedom-loving democratic western countries sending billions in help and weapons over there, in order to keep a corrupt feudal establishment alive and suppress internal rebellions by anti-fascists. :/


It’s like we’re back in ‘nam. 😦 And the whole sad farce will hopefully end in the same glorious manner …

Vietnam: US Navy personnel struggle to push an army Huey ...

And then there’s this movie …

Mr. Flotta piratized this flick already, guesss it’s time for another O@tM soon-ish.

And why is Kiev so hysterical about it? Hysteria is always a sure sign of the defeated and the end days for the Ukrainian regime. Also a clear signal for Americans and their NATO minions to leave.


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