Here’s Why You’re Running Mint Instead of Ubuntu.

A whole plethora of reasons, good reasons, to be peed off with Ubuntu and choosing Mint instead:

Yes, I know Tom’s voice is abbrasive, the more engaged he is the worse it gets. And in this case he has a lot of reason to be very engaged and angry at Ubuntu. Ok, Orca was lucky or clever (no, really just lucky) to have  found some info about why Mint is better than Ubuntu, before she downloaded and installed her first Linux. That she’s independent enough not to follow her husband’s good advice is another point in my favour. =^.^=

But that’s not the point now. The point is that Ubuntu indeed works hard on making itself abundant and a lesser good alternative to other distros. Tom even goes so far as saying Ubuntu isn’t hardly recognizable as Ubuntu anymore. Particularly since they abandoned Unity and went to Gnome. Mint, in its unattractive, bland apprearance, really turned out to be the far better system. Because the Minty guys don’t fuk around and they don’t try to become the next Microsoft.

Anyway, watchy the widdioh and feel god and  smug because you made the right choice. 😉

File:Linux Mint logo without wordmark.svg - Wikimedia Commons



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