When is a Dress Code Taken Too Far? A Jazz Club in Second Life

With your kind permission, Amanda, I’m gonna reblog your unfortunate event in my bloggo. Yeah, if it hadn’t cost me lots of money to join Frank’s (I assume that’s the jazz club you mentioned) group, I’d had left long time ago. Heck, I was only ever there 2 or 3 times anyway.

One more question: We are all adults in SL, aren’t we? Flashing the one or other nipple isn’t even big thing in RL, so why are they so uptight about cartoonish avatars? Must our furry tinies now wear clothes too?


Magick Thoughts ❤ Second Life and Real Life

Please click this image to see it larger. Kaithleen’s Carina Dress at Fetish Fair 2019.
I made the pose myself 🙂

I was really upset tonight. I dressed up and went to (not naming the Jazz club). I wore this. This gown is about 10% sheer so I put on the panties and went. Since they could barely see my nipple through it they asked me to change. As soon as I walked in they took an awful image that was really bright and bad and showed me my nipple through the gown. So I left. This gown is stunning and has extra dainty glitter that sparkles as well as being ever so barely sheer… I played it safe and put on the panties that came with the demo…. well I was still asked to change dresses.

I bought this gown in 3 colors peach, black and the dainty light…

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    • The gown looks very nice and sexy on you. I love the floatiness and couldn’t see any nipple, at least not in the photo. And even if, I guess nowadays it’s very okay to flaunt what we got, particularly when it’s in such good taste as a haute couture gown. And when it’s ok for the Paris catwalk I guess a jazzclub should be very happy with it.

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