\o/ YAY! Singularity! YAY! \o/

I’m home again! After twiddling around on Firestorm Phoenix viewer since MiniMax came back from repair, today I finally found the (not so) secret location where I stored the necessary commands to make Singularity run in ArchLinux.

And now Orca’s back in her homely oldstyle Singularity viewer. Oh man, this feels so good. So comfy and snuggly. =^.^=

WL: Anan Adored – Light Explosion2

See? I can even make snapshots and save them on SSD. Life is good! 🙂

Can hardly wait to finally continue my cruise and tackle the southern Corsica coastal waterways. Probably tomorrow, as for today it’s already a bit late and I need to heat up the microwave for tonight’s dinner. 😉


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