Finally We Found It!

Getting the hell out of Dodge!

That said albeit the country the Soviets left continued to be engulfed in a civil war, the pro-Soviet government in Kabul proved quite resilient and capable of surviving it. It only folded because the US, Pakistan and the Saudis continued to pour in arms and money to the Islamist opposition, while Washington got Yeltsin to end all Russian aid for the socialist side. This made it an uneven fight and gave the upper hand to the insurgents. Even so the government the Soviet army left in place in Afghanistan actually outlasted the Soviet Union itself by about a year.

So far the Americans have been in Afghanistan twice as many years as the Soviets spent there.

Oh, I’ve found a second thing they’re good at: Total alcoholic presidents to give many presents to the US and its NATO underlings without getting anything back. And this continues until today, even tho the Soviets are a thing of the past and Russia has joined the West in capitalism.

And didn’t they warn Washington about going into Afghanistan? Because you can’t win a war against that country. You can replace the gov’mt. But no Afghan goat herder cares about a silly gov’mt anyway. You can place your armies there and still nobody gives a singular fuk. And did the USA listen?


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