So, ArchLinux is Bestest Linux?

I admit being a fangurl of ArchLinux derivatives and forks and shit but lately I find some stuffz I can’t appreciate. For example an ambitious distribution called ArchLabs. It sounded all nice enough for me to install it and try it out.

I kinda like ArchLabs homepage with its simple, unassuming, unsexy style where information is the most important factor.

So I did it. Trying it out. Or at least that was my intention during the unproblematic download and installation process. Oh look, it comes with various desktops to choose from, so Orcsi, of course, choose Mate. All cool. But then when I started ArchLabs for the first time and did the initial update …

Mate as we don’t ever wanna see it again!

… I noticed how little love, how little effort the ArchLabs team had put into the implemetation of the Mate desktop environment. Two panels, the standard wallpaper, missing menu items … this is the most generic and stupid Mate I’ve ever seen. Shit didn’t even give me an option to make a screenshot, FFS! 😮
ArchLabs logo

Now one could argue that Linux is a DIY world and it’s true. I myself always spend some minutes to make my workspace really mine, but with this sparse attempt the ArchLab guys didn’t win me over. Not even putting their own logo into the background isn’t inspiring and empowering the user to do their own thing. It’s just sloppy and lazy and loveless.

Don’t get me wrong please, it would be super easy to make this distro all good and fine and super duper usable and all kool. But why would I, or any other user of Arch derivatives, use ArchLabs? What makes this distro so special? I get to the same basic “real me” system in Namib GNU/Linux faster and with less effort. Same as I do in Linux Mint and many other distros. There I’m done inside of 5 minutes, what will take me at least a quarter hour to achieve in ArchLabs. Without any benefits over other Archy Linuxes. :/ And I bet it will be the same with any other desktops they have on offer: We’ll get the bare minimum, and godspeed to us.

So this spoiled user will stop this distro “review” right here and now and will make Gaga available for new adventures.


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