STAR CLASS Racing Club – 17/feb/2019

Eight STARs all lined up and ready to go at The Sail & Chill Club, Triumphal

The RD was much too busy fixing his hair (as usual), but thanks to Serena we got our first pic of the STAR fleet ready to go at The Sail & Chill Club. Eight boats (three of them crewed so eleven sailors!) was a good turnout for our Sunday races and we had some extremely competitive racing.

Here’s another one just because Serena took plenty
Start of the first race they all look well spread (except for Daenerys and Bianca snuggling up close together), but by the first mark things were rather different…

With the southerly winds blowing us quickly out of Triumphal to the first mark (less than one sim from the start line), we had the great spectacle of all seven boats arriving at the first turn almost together. Amazingly they all got around the tight turn, amazingly because a touch of lag wasn’t exactly making things easy for them.

Despite that bit of lag, both races were very successful with Moonglow & Sherry claiming the first win, only to lose what looked like a second win when Daenerys overtook them downwind in the second race. But of course, Moon and Sherry were “handicapped” by the crewed handicap so after the races were over there was a tense few moments while the RD crunched some numbers (‘Sailwave’ is a great piece of software for adjusting times for handicap) and came up with the result…

Feel the tension?…

Congrats then to the winner!!!


Rank HelmName CrewName ECHO R1 R2 Total Nett
1st Daenerys   1.000 1.0 1.0 2.0 2.0
2nd Moonglow Sherry 1.027 2.0 2.0 4.0 4.0
3rd Angelic   1.000 3.0 3.0 6.0 6.0
4th Kim   1.000 4.0 4.0 8.0 8.0
5th Max Wyndi 1.027 5.0 5.0 10.0 10.0
6th Gineva Jjaza 1.027 6.0 8.0 DNF 14.0 14.0
7th Bianca   1.000 8.0 DNF 8.0 DNC 16.0 16.0


Rank HelmName CrewName ECHO Elapsed Corrected Points
1 Daenerys   1.000 12.43 0.12.43 1.0
2 Moonglow Sherry 1.027 12.39 0.12.59 2.0
3 Angelic   1.000 13.35 0.13.35 3.0
4 Kim   1.000 13.59 0.13.59 4.0
5 Max Wyndi 1.027 14.56 0.15.20 5.0
6 Gineva Jjaza 1.027 16.02 0.16.28 6.0
7 Bianca   1.000 DNF   8.0


Rank HelmName CrewName ECHO Elapsed Corrected Points
1 Daenerys   1.000 13.21 0.13.21 1.0
2 Moonglow Sherry 1.027 13.32 0.13.54 2.0
3 Angelic   1.000 14.14 0.14.14 3.0
4 Kim   1.000 15.10 0.15.10 4.0
5 Max Wyndi 1.027 15.57 0.16.23 5.0
6 Gineva Jjaza 1.027 DNF   8.0

Yes, hearty congratulations to Daenerys who put up a great solo performance to keep the crewed duo of Moonglow and Sherry at bay.

Congrats to Angelic as well for claiming third overall – she hadn’t raced anything for a year and a half since she last raced with us at SLIFF, and only bought the STAR a few hours before the event. She’s one to watch as she gets to grips with her new toy – she’s definitely asking all the right questions, sounding extremely competitive and hungry for victory already!


    • Oy n00b, wotz wrong? I just tested and liked the article as well as your comment just fine. WordPress seems to work, so it must be on your end then. :/
      Nice photos. Not much action but at least we have something to look at.

      8 boats, 11 sailors, that’s more than a “good turnout”, this would’ve been a great fleet, even in the old days when the sailing community was at its hottest and most active and busy 24/7. Any RDs wet dream! Such numbers of active racers only showed up for SYC’s Sunday races, which were filmed and then lateron shown by some Australian machinima team. With live commentary by MTW, Nber and some other commentators. Always a great hullaballooo and talk of the town.

      And Macz, start with south wind??? Uyuyuy, that’s highly unconventional and kinda dangerous … like a dragster race. Sounds like big fun though! Oh, and have an eye on Moon, she’s a hot racer in Lucy’s Shields races, too. Lots of experience and obviously a great tactician.


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