Namib GNU/Linux on DistroWatch

Guten Morgen Freunde,

quite some time since I last terrorized you with meaningless Linux shit, so I thought why not re-starting that noble tradition and doing it nownow? So I’m doing it RIGHT NAO!

If you followed my glowing example and my life in Linux, you’d no doubt noticed that I left my beloved Manjaro Linux kinda year ago and switched to a little known sideshow distro, called Namib GNU/Linux. For reasons. Not exceptionally geeky and complex reasons but very boring for non-Linuxy people … heck, even for most Linuxy people as well. So let’s not get into that and let’s just state that I’m a happy bunny on Namib. Much happiererer even than I ever was on Manjaro.

So today I checked if my new fave Namib has climbed up in the Distrowatch charts of Top Hits. Look:

So many Linuxes!

You’ve seen it on first glance, right? Our little Namib sits strong and proud on rank #193 in the 6-months ranking, which is the second column. :/

Namib GNU/Linux getting the same treatment like all the other distros on DistroWatch.

Now, yes I know, I’ve told you time and again, not to waste your limited patience and expertise on anything lower than the Top 5 in DistroWatch’s hit parade. And I mean it and I stand by that statement! Don’t do it! Actually, coming to think of it, just get and install Linux Mint and be happy everafter. You know sooner rather than later you’ll have to switch to Linux because Win7 support runs out next month or so. And then you’re fuked and only have Win10. And nobody wants that!!!

Windows 7 start screen displayed on a laptop at a desk
Win7 was a dream compared to Win 10

Ok that’s sorted then. So what tf is this silly Orcagirl doing on an obscure sideshow freaky bit like Namib? A one-man-show without a real community and volunteering volunteers. And not only isn’t it in the Top 5, not even in the Top 20. No, Namib isn’t even in the Top 100, actually far from! 😮 So why the actual fuk???

Two answers to that:

a) None of ya business!

b) Orca kinda knows what she’s doing, kinda!

So, yes, here is a third answer for ya:

c) Do as Orca tells you, not as Orca does!

The boring but sane choice of reasonable Linux users around the globe.

RubberduckFingerJust in case you’re a nosey bugger and wanna know more, we can dive into the real reasons why I left the Manjaro mothership and went with rubberduck Namib:

Pheew, long story … I’m a huge fan of a certain desktop environment, called Mate, because it’s very traditional and follows the very old desktop operating paradigm of clicking on stuff wth your mouse. There are a few important Icons on the desktop and you’ll have a panel with a Start Menu and some basic functions and readouts and the time/calendar. It’s super easy peasy and doesn’t demand a steep learning curve. In fact it’s more like un-learning some unhealthy habits you got from extended times spent on Windows. Ok, so far.

Start Learning Linux with Vnohow Get Up To 50% Discount!! - VNOHOW
Linux makes you a flaming homo gay happy person! 😮

Now, as it so happened, the devs and project leads of Manjaro always favoured the comparatively badder XFCE desktop and my beloved Mate had to climb up the Manjaro hierarchy, from a single-user’s hobbyhorse, to a regular Community Spin. But even in the very few official community distros (those that are officially recognized and supported by Manjaro), it still doesn’t receive the love and respect it deserves. Mate is always the latest version to receive updates and gets lifted to new version numbers. That leads to a lot of trouble further downstream, where we end-users live. I’m not saying Manjaro bosses are treating us like pondlife but, no, really they do, and it doesn’t feel good to be in this position anyway.

Top of the Pops!

And then we hear lots of concerned news out of the Manjaro world lately. Lastest example would be Eznix, a guy who really knows what he’s doing, an expert who even made his own Linux distros. That’s how good he is! And he couldn’t get one of the new Manjaro spins to run on his hardware? Uyuyuyyyy… :/

Manjaro! The almighty #1 Top of the Pops!!!

Breaks after 5 minutes!


There is something not quite kosher going on in  the states of Austria, Germany and France. :/ Now I’m far from an expert and I don’t even wanna know what technical problems they have, but I’m certain the main reason is carelessness on the side of the project leads. They just can’t give a single fuk about their own project.

Professional? Manjaro? Why then does it fubar all the time?

On the other hand, yes I told you never to go with a one-man-circus, never to trust small distros without a proper community as support system. But not even a hundreds strong, hard-core Manjaro community didn’t avoid the latest fukup, or did they? While my one-man frederic2ec. the maker of Namib, really cares and curates all 6 or so desktops he features on his Namib GNU/Linux website. My Mate is trated like a flagship flavour in Namib, and it actually is. All the desktops receive the same level of TLC there. Cool. 😉

Don’t ever go to ArchLinux directly. In its vanilla form, just like Debian and Australian wildlife, it will kill you!
Betterer than Manjaro, wursterer than Namib.

And even cooler is that, same as Manjaro’s big competitor Antergos, updates from upstream ArchLinux are coming much more often so you’re more bleeding edge than on Manjaro. One can say what one wants against the bleeding edge, as it often leads to actual bleeding. But firstly is Orca a girl and used to bleeding, and secondly does the Arch community work as a filter in itself. So all the packets that float downstream have already been tested before they hit our indiviudual computers.

Knackwurst | Bleyer & Wichert
From gud to wurst: Manjaro Linux.

Actually I had quite a lot of trouble with Manjaro quality updates while I’m happy as a clam on Namib. The very few fukups have been sorted out very quickly, and frederic2ec often helped me personally and made sure things were going right for me. Also Namib feels subjectively faster and lighter and smootherer than Manjaro. No reason for me to stick with the mighty mountain Manjaro then, right?

If you feel risky …

Also, and this is not to be underestimated, I always make sure to have enough  computers, readily running or at least ready to put some easy peasy Linux Mint on, so I can go on blogging and crying for help in the very rare case of my main machine breaking down.

Oh, my one-year anniversary as a happy user on Namib GNU/Linux, is coming up in a couple days, on the 24th of this month:

I guess that was the first time I mentioned Namib GNU/Linux on this bloggy.



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