A New Follower


It isn’t every day that I introduce new followers of this bloggo to the rest of the gang, buuut … if you could please be so kind to have a look at canussie’s gravatar profile:

Now this is a real Linuxer!

Doesn’t look like the good canussie is busy in SL but a hardcore Linux fraggle, right? Oh jeez, what have I done? Has this blog now become a Linux blog? Like a real Linux blog? 😮 I can only hope canussie won’t be too disasppointed with my GNU/Linux and FOSS content since I always try to keep it as untechy and simple as possible. I don’t even know what that means, “automation”. :/

Anyway, happy you found your way over here to this n00bish parttime Linux for Housewifes and beginners blog, canussie. Welcome to you, brave soul. 😉


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