Grand Tour Continu…arrgs! :o


Maybe my frikkn Firestorm viewer needs some more finetuning … since I crashed again. On a relatively open stretch of Corsican coastal waters. But I wouldn’t know what and how I could make it better. Anyhoo, on with the very short sailing adventure of today:

Stupid Degrand lighthouse doesn’t even feature a rez zone so I restart today’s cruise at the most northern isle of the Sunrise Islands, Foligno.
My trip’s supposed to take me eastwards to Gaeta V but I wanna make a very short hook towards west, in order to visit …
… another interesting mole-built island, named Water Activities.
It’s really nice what the moles did here. Not much to do around the isle but a perfectly nice place for a little walkabout and a breakfast break. Then I cast of to start the trip eastwards to Gaeta V. I know it’s not gonna be too easy but for the next couple sims I have friendly open seas without much of residents’ builds and security nonsense in front of me.
Still, all of a sudden I’m getting swoooshed overboard and find myself on the bottom of the ocean. 😮 But hey, pretty nice to find the ruins of a sunken ancient city down here.
I can turn but not getting away from here, can’t even get out of the photographer gesture. When I send the camera up above water I can’t find my driverless boat anywhere. Obviouly The Lab has taken care of the stray boat in the meantime. Fuuuuuk…

Yes, I know, this was just a very short stint this morning and maybe, just maybe, I might continue the cruise later today. But for right now I’m just too angry and nervous to muster the necessary calmness to go cruising. Like 10 years ago a young and enthusiastic Orca would have just relogged and restarted her cruise and she wouldn’t rest before she had at least circumnavigated Gaeta V. But now I’m old and tired … and spoiled by much better computer and connection and operating system. It’s not appropriate to send an old lady like me crashing. Is this the service level to be expected for 72 anually payable Woolongs? I deserve some smooth sailing, dammit!

CYA next time.

PS: Only to give the geographically challenged among the readership a rough idea about where I am right now,  I made this cut-out from the SL wordmap:

The editrix iss marked by that little yellow dot in the lower left of the map, the landmass to the north of her is Corsica, to the east we can see Gaeta V. Corsica is notorious for, let’s say, challenging saling conditions, so it’ll be hard. Once we’re in Gaeta waters everything should be easy again. Back in the old times we used to race around the “peanut continent” and it was aways a very fast and easy course. Only two tight spots along the whole shoreline. But we’ll see how it goes once we’re there, right?





  1. This is going to be fun following you around, doing the sort of cruise that I was thinking of trying with my brand new Bandit IF when I discovered the Blake Passage, SLIFF, and IF racing … and the rest is history. Maybe someday I’ll tell my own personal story, not of cruising but running one-make yacht races.

    Anyway, good account … but wouldn’t you think there would be some “activities” on a sim called Water Activities? And I feel for you with that random no-recovery crash in the middle of nowhere. I mean, crashing in a script-heavy sim is one thing, but in the middle of open Linden water? Yeah, come on Lindens, this is the 21st Century!!!

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  2. Stop by Arimto when you make it to Gaeta. I rented that sim back in 2010 and started a business. These days I’m only a officer but the company still exists and is still run by one of the original officers.

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    • Arimto, Arimto … Arimto … that name rings a bell. Can it be we passed that sim in many a LCC cruise or is it a key sim anybody has to pass on the way from A to B anyway?
      Okay, found it, in the Vuissant, Bit Bat Bot neigbourhood and a LCC outpost and Come Sail Center closeby. Ya, will make sure to moor there and do a bit of that oldfashioned explorin’.
      So what company you’re runnin’ there?

      Oooh, and is BeeJee’s SLooters Club still active in Vuissant?


  3. Just found your blog, me and the mrs have been doing a similar tour, it’s been fun but going in the opposite direction since we live on the south coast of Gaeta V. Little tip for when you get booted off your boat, double click to teleport gets you unstuck then just fly to find your boat

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    • Thx Stuart. I knew all those little tricks “back when” but nowadays I just can’t be bothered and found it more interesting to explore all those ruins with my camera before I reemerged and tried to locate my deleted boat.
      Oh, and btw, feel free to come by this blog as often as you fancy, and you can even stalk me and the TSB! crew by simply clicking the FOLLOW button. 😉


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