The Continuation of Continuing the Grand Tour …

Pfffrz, fukn lazy Orcs, already more than a week has passed since I tried to sail but failed and crashed and burned. But today, yeah today was the day I planned getting out of northern Nautilus waterways and make my way over to Corsica. Let’s see how it goes …

Since last time I crashed only 3 or 4 sims away from the LCC outpost in Bresimo, where I was in exile the last couple months, I restart today exactly there again.
Yeah the area around that loading dock of the Xanadu “Live” estate is still laggy but today I pass it more or less unhindered, with just a little hiccup. Pheeew, first hurdle taken. 😉
From then on it’s smooth sailing along the northern Nautillus shore.
It’s not the most beautiful coastline in all of SL but the moles did their best to keep the waterway open and free of security orbs and banlines.
The local population put different amounts of care and esthetics into their parcels. It shows.
At this corner in Asterbit we turn left and cruising up north to the …
... Sunrise Islands Waterway, the corridor that leads us over to Corsica.
Usually I do my overnighters in the open air pub of Gubbio Island but today …
… my destination shall be the lighthouse of Degrand Channel.
Yes, I know this was again just a short hop today, but an important one. Many people who sail, like, every day and are super racers, never leave the confines of the boring Blake Sea, while I am a fukn explorer!!! And I’ve made it into coastal waters of Corsica proper. After 1000 years of no sailing! So gimme a break, will ya?

Hope to continue tomorrow, cya then …



  1. Excellent! Not only a great sailing account in waters I’ve only ever taken a motorboat through, but I’m also learning from a blogging master … or is that a bloggin’ mistress? And pics! Pics are key! You gotta have loadsa pics!…

    Liked by 1 person

    • “And pics! Pics are key! You gotta have loadsa pics!…”
      I couldn’t have said it better, Macz. And as you can see I even post lotsa pics in my sailing stories, even if they all look more or less the same. 😉

      But I consider myself only a very dim light in the blogosphere, hardly able to write in the anglisi language and therefor not advancing above a pretty childish output. So I’m not master neither mistress, just a jackass of some trades.


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