SW Epi IX Has Wrapped Up!

Is there only one photo in existence?

Yup, principal shooting has finished and JJ is a happy hippo. I mean that doesn’t necessarily mean this is gonna be a good movie. Not at all. Y’all know what Orca thinks about JJ Abrams’ weird philosophy about locations and Star Wars overall. Just because his Epi VII made slightly more sense than Roundhead Ruin Johnson’s dismal Epi VIII doesn’t guarantee a wonderfully perfect Epi IX as heavenly finale of the Skywalker saga. Best case would be a badly compromised result with many unanswered questions and some illogical “it’s only a kids flick” plotholes and workarounds.

Star Wars: Episode IX' and the Loss of Carrie Fisher
Wishful thinking?

Haven’t we been kids as well when  the first SW ever hit the theaters in 1977? And wouldn’t we have stumbled over and complained about shitty storytelling? Of course not on the interwebz but in countless schoolyards and youth centers and “smoking corners”. 😉 And SW would’ve been dead and never become the huge franchise it is today. Because, as uneducated and unsophisticated as we were, we instinctively knew good filmmaking and coherent storytelling when  we saw it.

Fake 'Star Wars: Episode IX' Set Photo Is Actually From 'Pirates ...
Seems legit. 😉

I remain very very very sceptic. We’ll see in December, won’t we? At least the remaining little splinter group of cinema fanatics among us who haven’t given up on Star Wars yet. Here’s a videuhoh for us chosen few:

A New Hope? LØL


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