The New and Enhanced TSB! Team

As already announced a couple days ago today Macz Murfin, obviously back from vacation, joined Serena Lush as the latest staff member of Thar She Blows! Macz, is running Star Boat races from Triumphal, not for TrYC, but for his own StarBoat Racing group.

Macz Murfin
Macz Murfin, StarBoat RD and club owner. Cool! 🙂

Guys, this promises to be exciting! I guess the SL Sailing Community doesn’t have a forum or any other web presence anymore (shame on us) and in so far my poor little bloggy is by now the only surviving kinda sailing publication in SL. And with the newest acquisitions of Macz and Serena, this blog will tripple it’s sailing reports. Cool, very cool. 😉


So welcome Serena and Macz to the team and please support them and our clubs by joining the Star Boat races every Thursday and Sunday at 1 p.m. @ the Sail & Chill Club in Triumphal.


This list shows you all 7 TSB! staff members. Okay, we’re only 6, or rather said 5 1/2, since Maiti is no longer with us and only member in memoriam, and Kitten is so tiny, and super lazy, she only counts as half a reporter. Trappy isn’t a very active writer neither, so all the hard work will be done by Serena, Macz, Lucy and me. Life isn’t fair. :/ LØL

Anyhoo, don’t forget tomorrow’s Shields races with Lucy and Sunday’s Star races with Serena and Macz. And then find your results and many action photos a day or so later in this very blog!

\o/ YAY! \o/


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