STAR CLASS Racing Club – 14/feb/2019

Well, how’s this: my first ever blog post and I’m in trouble already! Yep Miss Orca, no pictures 😦 The RD was busy that’s all I can say … but at least I posted our pretty Club logo with many thanks to Serena for her graphic creativity for that one 🙂

So the STAR CLASS Racing Club had a little break for a week while Macz went off and had a vacation somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean – plenty of sea breezes, but no bobbing about on the waves unfortunately. But we’re back and now we’re slogging through the process of blogging … which for an old dinosaur like Macz is quite a challenge.

“Sloggin’ thru’ the bloggin'”? That’s almost poetic…

So back to the blog which is supposed to be about the races. We had our usual two races with five boats once Luther found where we were racing – first time ever with us and sadly he missed the first race, but put in a strong show in the second race and hopefully we’ll see him back again. Definite potential there! The other four boats were some of our regulars and we had some very competitive and close-quarters sailing going on (with the inevitable rules discussion 🙂 ), particularly in a hard-fought first race between Moonglow and Viv, with Bianca right in the mix early on as well.

I would love to show you the pretty Valentine’s Day colour schemes that were on display, but copyright and creator’s licence forbids that … or maybe it’s just that I forgot to shap the pics 😦

So, the results…
(Bear with the old dinosaur – I’ll work out eventually how to pretty-up the formatting of this sloggin’ bloggin’ thingie.)

STAR CLASS Racing Club Thursday Series – 14/feb/2019

Overall Results:

Rank HelmName CrewName ECHO R1 R2 Total Nett
1st Bianca   1.000 2.5 1.0 3.5 3.5
2nd Viv   1.000 2.5 2.0 4.5 4.5
3rd Moonglownight   1.000 1.0 6.0 DNF 7.0 7.0
4th Max Wyndi 1.027 4.0 3.0 7.0 7.0
5th Luther   1.000 6.0 DNC 4.0 10.0 10.0


Rank HelmName CrewName ECHO Elapsed Corrected Points
1 Moonglownight   1.000 12.37 0.12.37 1.0
2 Bianca   1.000 12.50 0.12.50 2.5
2 Viv   1.000 12.50 0.12.50 2.5
4 Max Wyndi 1.027 13.40 0.14.02 4.0


Rank HelmName CrewName ECHO Elapsed Corrected Points
1 Bianca   1.000 21.20 0.21.20 1.0
2 Viv   1.000 24.03 0.24.03 2.0
3 Max Wyndi 1.027 27.27 0.28.11 3.0
4 Luther   1.000 28.16 0.28.16 4.0
5 Moonglownight   1.000 DNF   6.0

So well done to Bianca for sailing off with the overall win today … yesterday 😉

Now, where did I leave that SL camera…


  1. Whoa! That was fast,Macz! I was still composing your welcome letter while in the background you were already publishing the results. I love that. It’s like clockwork. So with Lucy at the Shields and you and Serena at the Star, I guess I can finally retire. 😉
    Welcome again, Macz, and I wish you great success with your Star races in the future.
    Let’s make Triumphal great again!

    Liked by 1 person

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