South African Patriot *EDIT*

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Fuk, noooo! 😮 I can’t and won’t be such a thing coz I a) hate patriotism and b) ain’t a South African citizen. Nevertheless I’m happy and grateful for the ability to live the spoiled life of a bratty white lady in a rather poor 2 1/2th world country. Wanna know what makes living here bij die kaap so special?

Lookywatchy the following handful widdiohs:

And now one about my fair city:

So sorry for the arrogant drawl of the narrating bishie: Here have a hippie bish sexy Khoikhoi woman for  a more calm mind:

Oh, and these are our provinces, where the provincial peepel (we all) dwell and sometimes strive:

Elephant South Africa Flag - South Africa - Pillow | TeePublic


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