That’s How You Do It!

Chinese learned how to do great cinema!

Remember the last time you watched a Chinese movie? Huge spectacles with armies of extras and super cool stunts and gigantic battle scenes but real three-hours-long clunkers, badly filmed and edited, and Overly! Pathetic! Drama! right?


SciFi Spectacle The Wandering Earth promises to be a real crowd pleaser tho. In its homeland it’s been a huge success already. So I remain vaguely hopeful.

PS: Downing it right now. The only available copy on TPB, 720p only and in Mandarin. But subtitled, so expect an O@tM review soonish.




    • Haven’t watched it yet, hun, so no friggn idea. But as far as I understood this movie’s premise Aliens wouldn’t fit into the narration. Hubby n me will know more later tonight.

      BTW, did you already reply to my roll call? Hurryhurrry…


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