Sooner or Later …

… somebody had to do it:

And of course it had to be weezer. 😦 Rivers Cuomo, you were the chosen one! A glimmer of hope to keep quality in modern girls-friendly rock music. The one with the talent to write catchy poprocky tunes. Unfortunately after your first two albums the quality of your band went down in a death spiral, and found its apex in this remarkably uncreative cover version of a-ha’s Take on Me.

Remember the original?

But enough of that Norge dreck, let’s rather remember the times when Weezer was the bestest band ever:

Of course these where from Weezer’s first album. The second, Pinkerton, was lovely but uneasy, higher rated in expert circles but did need long years to develop a kinda cult status and didn’t deliver any successful singles, so no videos. And later, more successful albums were already under my quality level, so I won’t show any vids. So, basta!

Maybe this tune from the 1st album was already their swan song? The world turned on and on but Rivers and Weezer stayed put in their selfmade misery.

And here an essay about Weezer’s most influential album, Pinkerton (the 2nd one):

From self-doubting genius to front man of a mediocre cover band. 😦


Oh, and here’s a thoughtful review of their covers album:


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